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[Note: works in my collection, for future publication online are marked with an asterisk. (*)]

Universalist Sabbath School Depository

The headings from Scriptual Series to Record Books come from the longest booklist (c. 1866) I have. A few other works are peppered in as I have them.]

Scriptural Series, by William R. French

Boston: Universalist Publishing House

  1. Little Moralist
  2. Gospel Precepts
  3. Gospel Lessons
  4. Gospel Doctrines
  5. * The Sabbath School Assistant, designed for Bible Classes and the Higher Classes in Sabbath Schools. (1859) [A book of questions, keyed to biblical passages, to spark discussion.]

Universalist Docrinal Series, by L. J. Fletcher

Boston: Universalist Publishing House

  1. The Infant School
  2. First Impressions
  3. Key to Young Heart [sic]
  4. Guide to Salvation
  5. Lives and Doctrines of the Apostles
  6. * Universalism: its Doctrines and their Foundations (1854)

Service Books

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Seven to Ten Years

Ten to Twelve Years of Age

Over 14, and for Bible Classes

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